Saturday, January 7

3am and the house is quiet


I love this shot. Taken at the cabin this summer and I don't know how he squeezed in there. He weighs 90 lbs and is no slim jimmy.

I'm still up and I know I just posted a few hours ago. Making chocolate chip scones at 11:30, heavy on the chocolate chips, will do that to you. I was nestled all snug under our warm new white flannel sheets and suddenly thought of something I had to write down. An hour ago. Still here, still up. The fire is embers. The dog is downstairs again and confused. I've discovered a bunch of photographs from this summer that I never posted.

(Yoga starts in 7 hours.)

I'm thinking of starting a 365 project. Just something to keep me photographing each day. Especially with my film cameras. Have you ever done one?

xo brooke