Tuesday, January 24

distracting myself with foggy walks

We are still laboring (there is no other word for it) for the house; slowly making progress. (What, still working on the red tape? Yes, we are.) It's hard not to imagine ourselves there; we have fallen in love with it, and our future there. I keep having flashes of memories we haven't even made, and this morning I awoke with the entire plan for the side patio clear in my mind (laid river rocks, with low-growing herbs in-between). It's bittersweet delight, but in the end, I think it's all going to work out.

It is almost a relief when the weekend hits, offices close, and things come to a brief halt. I light an intention candle to continue our wish for us.

Yesterday morning I went for an early walk in the deep fogs with my film camera. At our neighborhood pond the trees mirrored themselves in the puddles of the cracked ice. The streets faded to white at each end. My feet went softly and deeply in the melting snow, the air heavy and warming. I hardly needed my mittens. When the rain began to fall the world became even more private.

Today the snow is almost completely gone, vanished, evaporated, and strong sunlight has warmed things up into balm. I know weather influences my mood and that sunshine is so clarifying.

What are you up to this week? Have you seen any great films, read any good books, or tried any new recipes lately?