Friday, January 20

fingers still crossed

Kombucha with fresh-pressed ginger (in one of our wedding cups). A little pick-me-up because, wow, the amount of hoops and red tape we have to jump through for the house is staggering. We are good people. We want this house. We are hard workers who are willing and excited to move into a fixer-upper. I don't think the sellers could be working any harder to prevent people from buying this house. I honestly don't know if it's going to happen for us. It is a complete roller coaster from one hour to the next. It causes a vague constant cautious unease.

Thank you for all your well-wishes! Let's hope they pull it through.

I've been staying busy and have added a bunch of polaroid postcard sets in the shop ~

polaroid postcards
polaroid postcards
polaroid postcards

The baby is kicking so that tim can feel it now. The movement is different than even a few days ago. I also started going to acupuncture again after a few months break last night and do I love it. Just love it.

We're expecting the first snow tonight. Perhaps tim can break out his new cross-country skis...

xo brooke