Friday, January 13

I am all over the place today


I chose new flowers yesterday, white with purple tips. Little bouquets are in the bathroom, by the bed, on the table, on the sink...

And we took donovan our rottweiler to the vet, because he is lumpy, but it's just age, so that's a relief. All of our pets are 9 years old. They are going to live forever, I know it.

We are waiting to hear back on a bid we put in on a house. With deer tracks across the land. And cattails in the pond. And the stone remains of the barn which I want to turn into a secret garden. There is a fine line between dreaming and not counting our chickens before they've hatched. And yes, we'll get chickens. And a goat. And a third dog.

Two pineapples and a cantaloupe are sitting on the counter. Banana-oatmeal-cinnamon bread is heating up in the toaster oven.

It is 33* out, with 28-mile-an-hour winds. I haven't started the fire yet, and only warmed up on the last 1/2 mile of my walk this morning.

Yet sunshine and blue skies are so, so good.

Just buckled and ordered Kinfolk.

Last night tim made amazing potato-leek soup for dinner. Grated with cheddar, it stuns me with its perfection. I'm a potato girl.

We switched up at which end of the bed we lay our heads, and now the moonlight comes in across our pillows.

Two days ago we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. They kicked the doppler. In a few weeks we are going to be able to find out if they are a he or a she. Finding out is still in debate. But I think we have a name regardless, because I think I know what I am carrying.

We'll see.

xo brooke

p.s. also wanted to say I have updated/ clarified things on my sidebars over to your right there. Take a look around if you are curious. I am also putting a bunch of new work into the shop these days.