Sunday, January 1

the year is in infancy

I took a lot of self-portraits this year.

A lot happened over the past 12 months. I wonder if each year of my life will be so packed with experiences, but it does seem that this happens every year. Aging brings towers of change and ripening. Some of the pictures were of me just before or after things happened. Looking back with the crystal clarity of hindsight was like looking like a documentary I didn't even know I was making.

the pink moonrise

But I am happy to be here where I am. I don't rue any of it. I'm excited for what's to come, thankful for what has passed.

Last night I stayed in, built up the fire, and opened the door at midnight to let the old year mingle with the new. There was a tiny shock of sadness just at 12:01 when I felt separated from the old year, now gone forever, and pushed into the new.

But I think it'll be a good fit.

xo brooke