Friday, January 6

orange sunrise to velvet dark

I see the orange of sunrise through the curtains but keep sleeping. The morning sunshine finally wakes me up, the houseplants happy, the cat yawning, the dogs warm and sleepy. We breakfast. I turn the heater on in the studio and set myself in there to work amidst the hundred distractions of the everyday. It is my plumb line. Little by little the ideas come, and the work finds its new homes in colorado, california, australia, england. That is the best part ~ that those breathing words and works of mine create a bloom of recognition in someone else's hands and mind, as if made for them.

In the evenings the fire is lit and I drink glass after glass of cool water as I sit in front of it for hours, reading. These wintry winds are hard on the spirit. The dearth of evening light is tough. The red velvet flowers I bought before the holidays are fading, and need to be refreshed with others. Refresh is the word to explore during winter.