Wednesday, January 18

They say babies bring gifts

So, we got the house.

The house with the pond, the meadows, the wide windowsills capturing sunlight. The years of farmhouse history and evocations, the unknown roots under the winter soil about to sprout into unknown plants in a few months, the lacey bare shrubs waiting for spring. The possible foxes during our morning cuppa, the moonrise over the little pond...stop.

Because we're about to find out if this house is really meant to be ours ~ really meant for us, because now is the time of inspections. We'll find out about the septic, the well, the myriad little details that will decide for us is we're meant to continue. It's quite stressful. It's a bit of a fixer upper. More waiting and juggling until we know for sure!

They do say babies bring gifts. Have they brought this house? I hope it all turns out, if it's meant to be.