Sunday, February 19

how can my belly possibly get bigger? It seems structurally impossible.

21 weeks
21 weeks

I feel like a bulb about to burst into bloom. Now that the whole house thing has fallen through and it looks like I'll be birthing my babe in our present house, my mind is turning towards serious changes/nesting. Wanting a feeling of openness and flow throughout the house. Extraneous possessions either tidied away or donated. A look at essentials. A feeling towards the gentleness of white wool and soft gray and sunshine and houseplants. Working on the garden will be the main thing. I imagine we'll find a house within a year or so and that this is the last summer I'll be able to spend with it, so I can focus on annuals and vegetables and colors. A major clearing out is going to occur, even if I have to be out there in may on my hands and knees working our compost in. June is the perfect time to have a new little one, and he's going to have plenty to look at as we spend time out there under starry skies or a morning sunshade!

xo brooke