Tuesday, February 7

I made a perfect little person, somehow

20 weeks

banjo's foot, 20 weeks
his little foot

It was so much fun to see banjo scooting around this afternoon, with all his perfect bones in place, and his little hands and feet waving around. We saw his heart chambers, his esophagus, his smile, the lobes of his brain, and his perfect chain of a spine.

And we unmistakably saw that he is a boy. I was very surprised.

And we are very happy. To celebrate, tim and I went for a hike on hawk mountain and watched the rosy skies and sat on the green licheny rocks and counted strings of geese in V's a half-mile long. I drove us home while the sun set in a great coral round between the dark miles of trees, and by the time we arrived, the full moon was up, pearly and ancient.