Friday, February 3

the sit and relax cat


For all the occurrences in life that repeat ad nauseum (the dishes, the bills, the running out of eggs, the vacuuming, the errands, the same stoplights when I'm almost home),


there are the things that never get old. Mostly these are things connected to living creatures ~ watering my cacti, daffodils sprouting in the garden, a package in the postbox from a friend, lighting the candles just before I sit down to dinner with tim, choosing this season's seed packets.

And mimi.

She is my little sidekick, independent and completely loving. Always a joy, always the sunny and sweet of my day. When the thoughts get same-old, redundant and stale, I sit for a bit with her on my knee, and refresh.


When I picked her out of the lineup at the spca almost 8 years ago, she was just the same as she is now, self-possessed, very calm, with those golden yellow eyes. She knows what she likes, and gently persists in attaining it, and yet is quietly firm about what she won't put up with. Every day, snow or sun or rain, she takes herself out into the garden for a zen 10 minutes of sitting in amongst the purple sage, and I often find her out there at midnight, soaking it all in.

I didn't realize she was such a quiet teacher.