Monday, February 6

sushi and boggle both contribute to peace of mind

jetsam from the jewelry drawer

19 weeks

So, we lost the house. Due to no action of ours. It shouldn't have happened. Rather devastating but there are always silver linings, and after a few stunned hours of aimless mental drifting which ended with me organizing my jewelry drawer, we gussied up and went out for sushi (cooked for me), and came home to play a few vicious and hilarious rounds of Boggle. Perhaps we'll be able to do a little traveling this spring ~ a road trip and some camping which had been set aside in the new house planning. There are still things to do and life is still good.

Our dreams there will have to be reeled in, tidied up, and furled up until the place we are really supposed to find turns up, and then the whole affair can begin again. I was hoping to be re-settled before june, before the baby came, so it feels rather rough to nestle myself back into our present (and lovely) home. But there is the garden to think and dream about...and spring neighborhood garage sales...and our favorite cafes, and river strolls...and our beautiful wood stove to enjoy while we are here.

I am also 20 weeks along now, can you believe it?? It is becoming tough to bend over to put my socks on. The belly is beloved. Tomorrow morning we find out if little 'banjo' is a he or a she.

xo brooke