Monday, February 27

we're back on the hunt, baby, we're back on the hunt!

Or so tim said to me this morning whilst scrambling eggs. House-hunting again feels fresh and fun. I think we've both healed from the rotten experience of losing that other house in the past month or so. And we're back on the hunt. Dreaming. White walls. Lots of windows. Sunshine. Land. Gardening. Tim came in from working the compost into the soil this afternoon and quietly said, 'Gardening is the best ~ you can't do anything wrong. In most things there is one way to do it, but with the garden, you can't mess it up.' How many things can that really be said about? Nature is so forgiving. We are both longing for a house in the thick of things, where everywhere green is the place to be, healing is the norm and you can't really mess things up.

I have been spending far too much time inside, settling, sorting, working. Waiting for the tide of spring to draw me outside. Sometimes life seems so much more of the same. Over familiar. I find myself on the computer, looking for something although I couldn't say what. The house begins to stagnate around me, the colors are droll, I can't bear to look at the objects another time. I might go through a huge refocus with our things, like I did this weekend, ruthlessly culling to find the clear flow of space and mind again. I open every cupboard and closet and drawer and let go of things that have a heavy feeling or an obligation attached. My car is filled with treasures to donate. Such a release.

This afternoon the weather permitted us to go for a long walk (with only one dog, and stopped for sandwiches at a little place in town). It's been a while since we spent a length of time outdoors, morning to night; I miss it. Perhaps I have spring fever, or perhaps a type of nesting (or migration) is setting in to get this baby into a house in the wide open spaces!

We bought tickets to go to california in april. We're not even sure what our plans are. A week of the ocean, camping, flying by the seat of our pants. (Might I bandy about the word babymoon?) It's high time!

xo brooke