Friday, March 9

a breather on the way


may 1987

My poppop and I have been writing letters back and forth for a while now (he's 91) and I asked him about some of the trips he and gramom Elly had done. True to form, he sent me a photo album in the mail. This is one of my favorite pictures that he took of gramom, in california looking over the big sur coast.

Tim and I fly into southern california next month for a week's adventure before the baby arrives. We have so much going on nowadays that it's fun to have that time to look forward to, knowing that we can just take a clean break for a little bit and get a breather. As of yet we have no plans. Do you have any recommendations for camping or parks to visit in the south there? Tim would really like to visit san diego and we know nothing about the area. I'd love to know some of the special spots.

xo brooke