Saturday, March 10

chez banjo

every loaf I make is better than the last.

Every loaf of bread I make is better than the last, no matter how they come out, it seems! There's something about homemade bread that is timeless, nourishing in the deepest way, and so, so simple.  I feel like I post about bread often, but it is so much fun, so delicious and easy. It has a great feel in my hands, heavy like handknits ~ and the baking scent is heaven. One of the home tasks I don't mind doing over and over. Tonight I plan on making mozzarella, tomato, and pesto sandwiches out of this. Pure summertime. Food. It's so good.

Aaaaaaand...big news. I've been sitting on this one for a little bit, waiting to see if it would pan out. It seems it will ~ we've found our house! Right after this post, just a week ago, we found our place. The very first place we looked at after the other house fell completely and rottenly through. We looked at a few other places afterwards just for good measure but all they did was show Chez Banjo (thanks for the name, maya!) in a brighter light. Right now we're in the throes of paperwork, but things look good and the path is clear. It'll be ours next month! I cannot wait to get in there and settle down and feather my nest.

(I feel a little wary to be so happy.)

My favorite things about the land are the huge, smooth, lichen-covered boulders which burst from the earth like whales.

The trees which lead back farther than the eye can discern.

The lake trails 3 miles away.

More soon on this house.

xo brooke