Monday, March 12

full and rich and happy and right

25 weeks

outtake, 25 weeks

Just about 25 weeks and the belly grows, it feels like, overnight! I have so much great stuff going on; life seems so full and rich and happy and right. I am so easily thrown awry by things off-balance that I don't know whether to let go and soak it all up and dream, or be careful and prepare for letdown.

This mind of mine. It can really drive me nuts.

I've been marinating in long, long discussions about everything meaty and meaningful with girlfriends who just had babies, or ones who are moving as well, or expecting, and ones who are going on just happy and curious about living. I am also really resonating with this post so much, so if you have a minute, stop by and read her words. It's so perfectly expressed, and so meaningful to me at this time as I keep touch with friends old and new.

xo brooke