Sunday, March 4

the kaleidoscope of the infinite inverted origami mind

23 weeks
23 weeks

One of the things I love about time passing, about growing older, is how my mind unfolds like infinite inverted origami. A few weeks pass, or a year, or a decade, and I look back at the experiences and see how my perspective has shifted like a kaleidoscope. One of the things I did in my twenties, when I was gaining my art degree, living abroad, traveling, and exploring my boundaries, was to periodically stop and tell my future self, 'I am here because I choose to be. I will remember this in the years to come and I will not regret any of my experiences.'

I have always remembered that, and trusted that in all of my experiences I was making the best choices I could for myself at those moments. Who she was was the blueprint for who I am, just as who I now am is the forerunner of who I will be. I trust my future self as well. I don't have to know everything right now. I don't have to have everything figured out, or all my loose ends tied up. I can trust that my future self will learn what she needs to know, that things will come into her path that aren't in my vision now, and that she will be blessed.