Monday, March 19

literary mirrors

If the house was somewhat empty at first it filled soon enough with treasures I found out on the Far Beach: a large, smooth round stone with a hole worn in its center from the tides; dozens of whelk shells that I placed on windowsills and heaped in bowls; a beautiful three-foot curve of grained driftwood, and dried grasses that I hung from the rafters along with onions and herbs. One day I plucked from the shore out by the lighthouse a delicate wild plant that the wind had sealed to the ground and shaped like a fan; I brought it home and hung it on a wall and it was as lovely as any painting.

- dorothy gilman, a new kind of country

Just thought I'd share those few sentences. I love when an author says things I just get. It's one of the best feelings and it's why I keep searching for 'those' books ~ I know there are many more as yet unfound.