Tuesday, March 13

timeline of a long walk

sky over the backyard
spectra camera, polaroid expired film

We have been taking such long walks recently ~ long meandering walks into town, down streets of old houses with stone walls and slate roofs. Our last walks in our neighborhood in this last month of living here. I am so happy to enjoy it. The hawk that is always there with white and soft pointed wings, floating behind the trees. The dogs in their backpacks which draw many comments and questions from friendly passersby. The mourning dove's hoots which I pretend are owls'. The familiar favorite trees and hidden nooks; the robins soaring low over the sidewalks by the dozens. Reaching the shop with my favorite sandwich or the cafe with coffee for tim, then turning homewards. When your legs pace over land it is yours in a way, no matter who owns it. Moving slowly enough to take in the new sights, the unexpected sounds, the humorous situations. Leisurely, talking and listening of a hundred things the whole way, reaching our street again, step by step.