Wednesday, April 11



She spends a lot of time trying to nap on me these days. I sleep better when she's not in the bed, but each night I awake and there she is, nestled between my ankles again. Tim's her dear friend but I'm her person.

Tomorrow we sign the mortgage on the new house. Then we plan to drive up there with the dogs and a full car of boxes, and moon about and watch the woodpeckers and unpack a bit and start gardening. I'll have pictures to share very soon. It's been such a busy week, I was hoping to share more here but each day has been so full of errands, last-minute rememberings and the restings in-between that I hardly picked up my camera. Tomorrow ought to be much more relaxed. There will be s p a c e for a while, from everything that isn't giving us space right now.

xo brooke