Saturday, May 12

a hundred little things to do




So much got done yesterday. I am so tired, as I've been the past few days. So much more to do as I get my transfered garden plants safely in the ground and watered, and the garden beds are built by my mom while I finish up a hundred little things inside. Still getting used to the tempo of this house. Writing lists of things we need as we go ~ planning for a mother's day picnic here, and for a baby shower here in a week. It is good, as long as I go slow.

I love our mailbox with its little red flag, like the one I grew up with, telling us the mail is here. Receiving mail at our new address feels like such a luxury. 

We met one of our nice neighbors, who told us about the resident bear. 'Bring the suet inside at night,' he said.

I still see salamanders everywhere.

We are gleaning rocks from the woods to edge the flowerbeds.

Four-leaf clovers keep catching my eye.

I lined the kitchen drawers in vintage linen today.

And planted nasturtium seeds in the whisky barrel on the porch.

xo brooke