Thursday, May 24

just a little time for you

sx-70, polaroid 600 expired film

Looking back at some of the images I took this past week ~ a busy week, after which now suddenly my insomnia is gone and the rain has come to settle all the plants in and to make all papery things inside the house slightly wrinkly.

I'm not really big on crowds, even if I know everyone in them, and often at get-togethers I'm most comfortable finding one or two people and having a decent chat with them about things that matter. This polaroid was taken after the bonfire got started up and people were well-seated for the next few hours under the stars with glasses of beer and jumbo marshmallows on sticks. A friend and I found ourselves inside in the quiet and settled down on my newly thrifted purple couch for a good catch-up, with the moths flying overhead since we haven't installed any screen doors yet.  

A perfect end to a very good day.