Thursday, May 17

the moment between the last and the next

tim, california
canon camera, 35mm b&w film

Sometimes life is so going, it's hard to even be in the moment that is actually happening. The flow is so fast, I feel like I have to put on a veneer just to make it through the day. Some days are easier, softer, than others, and I revel in those. Some days are full and exciting and productive. Others just pull at me and feel awful. It's hard to expand into the second that is happening, in the midst of so much that is life, and which will never stop being life. To fully realize events that just occurred, gain satisfaction from them, learn from them, process them, and at the same time prepare for what comes next.

It's a lot, this living.

Lately ~

Baby banj seems to have a fascination both with poking my bladder and with running his large and strong feet all over the inside of my right side, while trying to kick my rib out of his way.

The midwife mentioned that in 3 weeks, when I'll be 37 weeks, it would be fine if he decided to arrive. Not that I think he will, but it was a little startling to think that he could. That he even might. Or he might wait another 6 weeks.

There is a fantastic little ice cream place right down the street (and through the woods) which makes all their ice creams by hand with mostly local ingredients. Flavors like chocolate raspberry, mango habenero, tahitian vanilla, blueberry lemon. I go once or twice a week and order a kiddie cone. But I don't think they are giving me a kiddie size.

Ever since the neighbor told me about the bear, my evenings spent at the kitchen table have taken on a fresher flavor as I gaze out the black windows into the black backyard, and wonder if one of these times a black bear will be looking back at me. It's a different feel than our last house.

The hummingbirds here are really cute. Kind of like flying brooches.

There has been so much to do at the other house (which we are renting) that both tim and I are dying for a full, lazy day here, to finish up all those delicious little effects that make things tidy and special. Tomorrow is that day.

xo brooke