Sunday, May 13

sunday brunch

Yesterday was waking up and seeing the red sunrise against the trees as I lay there for hours, not sleeping and not wishing I could sleep, but just happily resting and then falling into a nap again till 9. It was visiting the local shops and figuring out which ones I would buy my milk, eggs and cheese at and which ones had the best local fruits, and how all the prices differed. I shop now with a cooler in the car for perishables since I get sidetracked on little roads, discovering flower shops with columbine and cherry tomatoes, and waterfalls and garage sale signs. I think I may have found the hutch we need for the kitchen (at the place that sells glass bottles of milk)  ~ it's old and wooden with glass doors and would look perfect with my Pyrex bowls in it.

Yesterday was a long nap right in the middle of the day, with sunlight coming glowing through the four windows in the bedroom, right after I set two homeade loaves of bread to rise and four quiche crusts to chill in the fridge. It was a little drowsy reading and a little listening to the woodpecker and then when I got up I finished the quiches and made a dozen and a half banana blueberry muffins. A short walk with a huge red hot-air balloon swooshing by low overhead. A tidying up of garden tools and another water for all the transplants ~ oregano, echinacea, lady's mantle, coral bells, marjoram, lemon thyme, shasta daisies, yellow iris.

And today was ~

before mother's day brunch

after brunch

the back porch

33.5 weeks

33.5 weeks

the yellow velvet couch
the yellow velvet couch, with its tweed back!

homemade bread.

Happy sunday, happy weekending, happy mother's day.

xo brooke