Sunday, May 27

this weekend

collecting baby stuff

his diapers are so cute.

jug of red raspberry leaf tea & local honey!

our solution for the mug collection

nasturtium's up!

more rain.
So I'm playing movies in the kitchen while I do laundry, taking breaks to scatter red oriental poppy seeds and coax the dogs outside with stale biscuits. I've been in kind of a crummy mood lately ~ it's hard (for both of us) when tim works his three 12-hour shifts in a row. I'm so pregnant, feeling so vulnerable and needing to talk. We fit in a little chat at the round table outside the kitchen door this morning, in between rain showers, and I feel so much better. In the midst of a bad mood, it seems hard to think it will shift, and in the midst of a good one, it's hard to believe it won't be like that always!