Sunday, June 24

Bird-watching, walking, reading, cleaning, baking, resting, writing.

All things one does while waiting for one's baby to decide to arrive. Overall I'm ready for this to get started. I've filled up mightily on the company and words of positive ladies this week and am ready to meet this little guy. The house is in a cozy condition, the weather is perfect, the hummingbirds are nonstop, and today is tim's last day of work for a long time.

'banjo's' room

The room where we store his things is all set. (How could I resist this?) (And for later ~ loving this idea.) My mom made the banner for the shower. Basket, knitted blankets and the handmade crewelwork tapestry are all thrifted. Tim refinished the floors and painted the walls.


The birthing pool is airing out nicely.


All the homebirth supplies are tip-top and ship-shape.

It may be some time, I know.

We're ready when he is.

xo brooke