Friday, June 8

late night ice cream, weathery moods, and the mouse teapot

37.5 weeks
37.5 weeks

Oh, the questions I'm getting each time I go out:

how much longer do you have?
do you know what you're having?
(you look like you're carrying a boy.)
have you picked a name?
is it your first?
how do you feel?
where are you having him?
are you excited?
(it won't be long now!)

and always:

Blessings! Good luck! Hope all goes well!

Everyone is usually so kind.

Last evening tim and I went to our favorite local homemade ice cream spot, arriving minutes after they closed. A customer inside enjoying her cone (with her three sons) saw me through the window and went into the back to get the scooper person to let us in. We were pretty tickled.



My moods these days completely correspond with the weather, and seeing as today is a perfect 77* with blue skies, you can imagine how I feel today ~ invincible. Tim and I walked a few miles at the lake with the dogs, and came home to plant beet, basil and squash seeds. Then I weeded for a few hours ~ there's something so satisfying about ripping up great handfuls of greenery and making a space neat. The cardboard is temporarily keeping the weeds and mud down until we can bring in a load of wood chips. I said a hello to the garter snake in the compost pile, and watched the hummingbird visiting the jewelweed.


The teapot mice are doing well. A tad shy...

in the garden

in the garden

in the garden

I only opened the lid to take the photos; usually they enter and exit through the spout!

xo brooke