Friday, June 1

these little things are making up my days

tim brought me a little paper wasp nest he found. we were both delighted.

Walking out to the mailbox today, tim found this tiny paper wasp's nest next to a fallen pinecone and brought it to me in delight. We were both enchanted. Nature is so perfect.

Thank you all for your kind words on the last post which were so helpful and encouraging! The baby is low and things are feeling different and the birth month is here, now, and time seems like it's flying. We had our home visit for the homebirth today ~ the midwife came and saw the house and we all chatted about our plans while perched on the stools around the kitchen island and the dogs kept poking into her bag in hopes that she had brought some biscuits.

I am filling myself with positivity these days and here is a poetically filmed waterbirth I keep watching that is so amazing. (it's very modest). I also had a look at some of her other non-birth related films and this one really has me thinking...

The thousands of poppy, nasturtium, cosmos and blue cornflower seeds I tossed or planted are starting to come up. A windy overcast day, the roses are blooming, the baby woodpeckers in their nest in the tall dead tree are cheeping, and we fit in a little hike to a boulder field in the woods across the street before tim left for work.

xo brooke