Tuesday, June 19


canon camera, 35mm kodak 400 film

A belly full of writhing, poking baby. Yesterday was an afternoon of resting until my hips fell asleep, then an achey walk until I limbered up again. Following a day like that, I'm usually filled with vigor and energy, so I'm looking forward to today.

We've blown up the birth pool to air out the plastic smell (those turtles and sharks are remarkable!) and it moves from room to room as it gets in our way through various projects. I think things are just about as ready as they can be. Tim has really been a treasure.

There is a tiny room off of our bedroom which used to be one of the original bedrooms of the old farmhouse. I hung one entire wall with a fantastic huge antique quilt (satins, corduroys, cotton prints, silks, velvets...) and nestled near that is my great-aunt mary's old writing desk, tucked and filled now with my large collection of postcards, stationary and odd envelopes. It feels so settling to have a spot for writing again, for catching up with letters and jotting down thoughts.

Tim is painting one of the spare rooms white for when the baby eventually moves into it when he's a little older. The ceiling is low and the floors are the original 131-year old boards. It is a simple, long room with two windows and two doors. Lovely.

Our most delicious snack lately has been crisp toasted slices of buttered black beer bread from our local shop, so I'm going to have a try at making our own.

What are you up to this week?