Saturday, July 21


cedar sebastian's birth story is up...

In the midst of an entourage of water glasses that seem to follow me from room to room. Slowly getting back into the swing of things as I notice the learning curve curving. Figured out the Ergo, and today, the infant insert for it. So nice to have two hands again! Popping Cedar in there and trimming the bushes out front ~ making pesto ~ starting a half-dozen things which have to be stopped because the neighbor is practicing at his shooting range and Cedar awakes. Asking Tim for help ~ 15 minutes off is all I need to welcome a squeaky Cedar back in to my arms. Reading Natural Health after Birth. Trying the fun challenge of cutting out wheat to see if that'll help Cedar with his tummy troubles. Enjoying the red clover and yellow cockscomb bouquets. Bacon. The scent and accomplishment of fresh laundry. Weeding under the blueberry bushes. Noticing the squashes are blooming. The sight and feel of a newly-made bed to climb into. Finally using a boppy. Ordering books online and greeting the mailtruck each day with anticipation. Letting the raspberries go ~ this year, they fell to the ground without getting picked. Trying to air the baby out without getting peed on each time. The quiet on his face each evening as he falls asleep to the sound of night insects softly chirping.

Everything is orbiting and it's fascinating to be a part of it. I wish every baby was as loved as he is.

More later.

xo brooke

Cedar's birth story is up ~ read it here.