Saturday, August 4

the white peaches will be ripe tomorrow

sx-70 camera, polaroid 600 expired film
set up by me, taken by Somer
(and no, we're not nursing
but Cedar is hoping we might
be about to.)

A friend has been visiting all week, helping with chores, cooking us complicated and delicious dinners, and helping be an extra pair of arms ready to hold Cedar. Yesterday we went to the lake, hoping to escape the heat but it wasn't any cooler. We came back to the fans and wiled away the remainder of the afternoon between the pages of books. Today Tim, Cedar and I head to the beach for a couple of days; I'm keeping the packing simple. A slim but colorful wardrobe. My 35mm camera (which has lately been accompanying me places). A little bit of the Beachwood Sparks album. A start at The Anthropology of Turquoise. The last of the sugar plums and a handful of white peaches that will be ripe tomorrow.

xo brooke