Thursday, November 15

he rolls.


Red-letter day today! Cedar rolled from his back to his front to his back again. Repeatedly! We can't help but think he shows massive glimmerings of cleverness, nay, genius, in one so young...


Thank you for your awesome comments on yesterday's post. It's tough stuff and encouraging to know I'm not alone. (How do we persist in thinking so when there are so many people in the world?) Sometimes it feels like everyone else is doing it better, you know? Like there's some secret I'm a little behind in knowing.

I keep hearing There's no easy answer.

And that seems to be true. It's even a little of a relief, because maybe I'm not missing anything at all. Maybe it's this sometimes. And times'll change and things'll become easier and definitely the thing to do is to see the small steps, the small positive changes and to continue on as well as possible and to do the best we can.

That's what I'm doing, anyways.

xo Brooke