Saturday, December 1


full moon

Tim was outside the other night rigging up a tree to be cut down and hurriedly called me outside for the full moon coming up orange (which doesn't show here). So perfect and sharp behind the trees. It was amazing. It is always amazing.



I found this wonderful cabinet at my favorite thrift shop, brought it home in the back of my car, and added the ceramic handles. It gives me a little bit more space in the kitchen and another drawer for all those weird little things that seem to need a home. Like my candy stash.

these two


Indigo has taken to Cedar and checks on him if he is crying ~ we have to grab him before he washes his whole face. Tim is heading up to the woods this weekend along with our two boy dogs, so that just leaves me, Lucy and the babe. And the cat, who disapproves of the puppy's immaturity and has been sleeping in the highest spot she can find, which in our low-furnitured house means on top of the printer.


I've been focusing on working more. I either run out to turn the heater on in the studio or bring pieces inside for his naptimes or when Tim can watch him for a block of time. My work often takes time to sink into and needs uninterrupted solitude to really ferment, and when it does it's the most satisfying thing I can experience. With Cedar in the backpack yesterday I began unpacking my bandsaw, and when that is set up I shall be able to begin some larger scale pieces I have in mind.