Saturday, January 19

In the morning

Cedar wakes up about 7:45 and scoots around in his bed for a little while. The light in the bedroom becomes brighter if the sun's out and pretty soon I resign myself to getting up (this morning he got up at 5:45! Nooo!). We open the blinds, say good morning to the day and then nurse in the big bed.

He's usually in a pretty good mood after that. I change him and we get dressed in warm clothes.

We let the dogs out of the bedroom and go downstairs, checking on the weather through the front door while all the dogs go outside.

Turn on the pellet stove.

And wonder why the kitchen is always such a mess.

Make a cup of tea with honey, and have a bowl of oatmeal (instant and rolled oats, mixed nuts, flaxseed, soymilk, cinnamon and a banana.) Then I have a glass of green juice, a glass of eggnog, and sometimes a bowl of cereal. And sometimes a grapefruit. Nursing makes you very hungry.

Apply gold eyeliner. Just because.

Cedar careens around the kitchen meanwhile, wreaking havoc on anything he can reach.

Consider the grocery list. We might go today. Maybe.

The dogs eat only after I do, and their attention grows increasingly intense as they hear me rinse out the oatmeal bowl. After they eat they go out and we usually watch them play and sniff outdoors.

Cedar hangs in his different spots while I scoot around doing my various things of interest: putting a coat of primer on a shelf, looking up something in a book, reading or working on a piece of artwork, or doing something online.

Um, and then sometimes I have some peanut butter m&m's. And I put down my word in Scrabble. Tim and I play a game over a few days.

By now Cedar is tired of the floor and his toys, so he goes in the Ergo and we can do many things that way: take the compost out, vacuum, clean, brush the dogs, empty the dishwasher, check my email, package things for the shop or do things in the studio if it's not too cold.

There's usually always some laundry that could be done. But that's fine since I rather like doing it.

When I feel his head rest on my back briefly I know it's time for his nap, around 10 or 10:30. We go upstairs, put the blinds back down and he gets swaddled and put down for his nap. Hopefully I've hit the timing right so this goes smoothly and there isn't a huge fuss. Sometimes there is a huge fuss and that is pretty draining.

But he's so sweet when he falls asleep. I go downstairs with a burst of happiness in my heart as I contemplate 30 or 40 minutes to myself. Yup, that's all he naps.

I can do anything I want to. Which is stressful cause what if I pick the thing that isn't the really the thing that would be most fulfilling today? But I try anyways. Best is writing or just thinking and sitting there watching the fire.

And a little yoga or stretching. Every day.


That's my morning; what's yours look like?

xo Brooke