Saturday, January 5

Stars, pancakes, snow

the favorite toy of the moment

baby toy essentials (some puppy-nibbled, oh well)


soon to be smoothies

thrifted steam-bent chairs recovered with skirt, blouse, skirt


the old apple tree


Christmas gifts from mom

a gift from mom from her trip out west

My sister slept over last night with my nephew in the autumn purple guest room. Lights were left on during the night to make sweet dreams. There were pancakes for breakfast drenched in maple syrup. We're about to head to the farmer's market (indoors in the greenhouse) but I'm awaiting Cedar ~ taking an unexpectedly extra long nap. The dogs are out playing in the snow ~ the windowsill geraniums are soaking in the sun ~ Tim is battling a cold ~ hand-drawn stars cover the chalkboard wall ~ I'm rereading A Wrinkle In Time and have been soaking up The Life of a Bowerbird.

My parents came by with Christmas goodies ~ fossilized dinosaur bones and gizzard stones, cunning little wooden boxes, yellow linens and glasses with birds. My mom tucks away things found along the year at garage sales and flea markets and by the time December rolls around, sizeable piles have accrued for the lucky recipients!

I hear cooing. Cedar's up.

xo Brooke