Thursday, February 28

Cedar + Mimi

She honestly doesn't seem to mind.


Thursday, February 21

out to breakfast

He was completely fascinated by the big boys (all contractors) who sat at the round table next to us and gabbed.

Actually, Tim and I were too.


Monday, February 18

In the woods

I've been really loving the trails across the street. This morning I was completely fried from being in babyland all weekend while Tim worked, but 45 minutes in the woods rejuvinated me. Lucy came with me and gnawed on a deer bone she found, while I crawled around on the rocks inspecting the ice formations. It was kind of like being in a tide pool.

About 20 seconds after that last shot I fell into the creek.


Saturday, February 16

the weekend things

I'm seriously going to eat him up one of these days.

I've been trying to take things more slowly. Not do so many things at once. Leave some for tomorrow. I feel less stressed out ~ Tim even mentioned it. I wish Cedar could stay this age but it is already slipping away. He's getting three teeth in on top. He's holding onto everything and sitting up on his knees and then sometimes he topples.

Every night I have grand ideas of what I want to do after he goes to bed but I end up drifting from thing to thing. Tidying, mixing up a pie crust, steaming squash. Doing mundane things just because I can take my time doing them. I don't think very far ahead and pretty much decide what we're doing the morning of each day. It's a change from how I used to plan and write lists. It's just too hard to plan a lot and then face the disappointment of not being able to do it. There's a line to navigate between being flexible and being aimless.

Thank you all for your kind comments on his cloth book! I had so so much fun making it and may make some more smaller ones. I may put some in the shop. If that happens, I'll let you know.

How is your weekend going?


Thursday, February 14

A cloth book for Cedar

These are my two favorite pages: vintage hankies for both backgrounds.
The owl and Blue Jay are from vintage linen hand towels.

The little cross-stitch people riding the bird make me laugh. They remind me
of The Littles or The Borrowers.

I love how things feel so amazing (in my mind) when I feel that click
of the process figuring itself out.
The owl in the night sky. Of course.

I found a vintage linen hand towel from 1979
and that year june 27th, Cedar's birth day,
also fell on a Wednesday.
It had to go in. I circled his day in blue.
Cardinals are also special for me
and the purple fabric is from my Grandmom's stash.

I trashpicked a chair once
with that solar print fabric on it.
I've so far used it to cover a journal
and had to use some scraps in here.

I love thrifting. Almost all these spools are thrifted.
That red embroidered wing is handsewn by me.
It didn't make it in the book,
but I love it
and I still make lots of my work about wings.

When Cedar was 6 months
I traced his hand and
here it is forever in white wool felt.

I was stumped for a little while on how to bind it.

But then figured this out. I am so pleased.

You'd never guess how long it took me to figure it out though.
It looks so simple.

The waves of our lake we visit each year in Ontario
complete with lily pads and dragonfly.
And the ocean waves
for so many things have happened near the ocean for us.

Mama and daddy birds with a fabric banjo
which my sister painted
on a little shirt he soon outgrew.
Banjo was our nickname for him before we met him on the outside.
The mountains/pyramids and moon/sun in the starry/snowy sky
are perfect fodder for inventing stories.

I'm a pretty botanical, birdy kind of person
so of course there was lots of that sort of thing.

The mola is from a visit to Ecuador
and became a sunrise over a blue ribbon ocean.

I embroidered this feather for another project
but it's perfect here.
The heart is a piece
of my baby blanket.

The book was based loosely on one my Grandmom made for my sister as a baby.
I finally found a use for all those embroideries, vintage linen hand towels
and scraps of things I made or picked up at the secondhand shops.

I was pretty obsessed for the week.
It's nice to be finished and have a little creative rest!
But it was also so great to get sucked in
and feel so much joy
in creating.