Tuesday, February 5

Babies are busy folk

He careens around the kitchen in his walker and chases the dogs, cackling at the top of his voice. He makes full sentences of garbles. Goes down for naps either like melted butter or like a tangled knot. Likes helping me cook and laughs when Tim uses the coffee grinder. He scoots faster than lightning if a pair of eyeglasses get put down. 

He's awesome but I'm pretty exhausted. I keep busy during his naps (or sometimes just nap too) and still have errands to run, the house to keep in order, and my artwork to make. It's a lot. It feels like too much but what do I cut out? The (mildly) clean(ish) house? Chaos drives me bonkers. Self-care like walks, fresh air, a warm bath, reading? Do you have any tips on finding a great babysitter? I'd love to have someone around at times so I can work on things and also be able to take a break. It's a scary business finding a fun, trustworthy and safe caregiver in this big wide world! I haven't had luck yet but am still on the search.