Sunday, February 10

It was still light out tonight when I put the babe to bed

Distracted by bird-watching. The cardinals, juncos, tufted titmice and black-capped chickadees come in daily for the black-oil sunflower seed I put out. The cardinals often sit fluffed up in the surrounding trees and are impossibly neon red.

I found this little sled at a local thrift shop for $3. Tim thinks it's more enjoyable for me to pull Cedar around than for Cedar to enjoy being pulled around, but I disagree. He always seems more chill and thoughtful when he comes back inside after a little sled glide.

Cedar's room. This week, on my 'day off' (when Tim is in charge of all major baby-related actions except nursing) I whipped this room into order, installing the futon mattress and the mirror on the wall. I hung all the artworks low and now it is the funnest, sunniest room to hang out in for big or small people.

He loves being able to crawl. His interests have multiplied and he is happily content exploring many things. We're always on the lookout for safe, new, strange items to let him play with: a glove, a cup, a cereal box. I know a lot of things are covered in factory germs but I pretend that all that turns clean once it enters the house...

I also moved our guest bed up into this spare room and I absolutely love it in here now. This is where Tim sleeps off his night shift, and where I sleep on nights 'off' when Tim stays with Cedar and I get to sleep solid. I hung a blackout blind in the window so not a puff of light gets in at night. It's a deep-sleep room. This morning I snuck in there for a moment while Tim was asleep and found two of the dogs and the cat all sleeping in there too.

We've been keeping the wood stove burning all day. This room is right above the den, so it gets nice and toasty. We can, in fact, wear t-shirts around the house. Which is wonderful. And Cedar gets to crawl around without his sweater on. He cut a top tooth today ~ a tiny bit is showing through ~  which will be his third total, and has been super cranky nights, poor guy. I've been staying up late to work on a cloth book for him using my collection of thrifted embroideries and linens. I can't wait to show you progress soon! I'm all set up on the sewing machine in the kitchen, I'll hear his wail through the monitor and I scoot upstairs. While I hold him I think over a few sewing logistic I'm having trouble with and usually I have them all worked out by the time I get back downstairs.

He is such a joy these days. I can't believe he's growing up so fast. It's hard to think he'll be talking and walking soon. I know I'll enjoy that age too but this cuddliness, his squashiness, his toothless grins and squeezes and how he can't quite pick up tiny things yet and how he studies the things he drops over the tableside and how he is bonkers for's my favorite stage so far.

This evening I got out for a little bit; we walked the woods trail and I put out the trash cans. Little birdy tracks were all over the drive. I wasn't sure if this week is recycles so just in case I put that can out too.

The dishwasher is running.

The geranium leaves are as big as lily pads.

I'm reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Indigo got neutered on Wednesday. He weighs 67 pounds (at 7 months), and it was time. He doesn't really seem to notice anything's missing.

It's almost spring.

xo Brooke