Sunday, March 31

Ancient Water



Waves, crowning upon the beach,
rolling upon the surface of the sea.
capable of varying moods.
Each day different under the sun.
Eternal and yet of this present moment.
Sighting it, hearing its sighs,
its crashes and colors,
the animals it holds hidden within its depths,
does something to us.
It calls us back
throughout history
and pulses to our bloodstream, our heartbeats
cycling each new day in with new waves
made of ancient water.

Painstakingly cut, formed, painted, sanded and buffed.
5.5 x 7 x 0.75 inches
Made of oil paint, gesso, cereal box, pine wood, archival adhesive.

Now here.


Wednesday, March 27

watching the memories happen before they are memories


On Saturday we hosted a birthday party here. In the evening, the floor in the big fireplace room was covered with little people in sleeping bags, each clad in a brightly colored nightgown or pajamas. They were all completely engrossed in their world, talking and playing and half-listening to The Hobbit. The fire flickered and the murmur of grownups was heard from the kitchen where we were finishing up fingerfulls of leftover brisket and melting ice cream cake. Outside the last birdcalls were wrapping up, the light was going blue, the bonfire was flaming and marshmallow had been washed off little fingers. Night would bring sleep for the little ones and long firelit talks for the guys around the bonfire. The dogs, eight of them, would meander (through my gardens) and clean up fallen homemade mac'n'cheese. I would go from window to window upstairs while putting Cedar to sleep just gloating over the full house and watching the activities of those outdoors.

In the morning the sunrise would pick out the badminton birdies left out on the lawn. We would find out the birthday guy never got a piece of his ice cream cake. All of the coffee mugs would be in circulation and we would run the dishwasher twice. Juggling of kids would occur as everyone tried to find spaces in cars for the ride home, and a few things would get left behind. The house would become rich in silence and Tim and I would sit at the table and talk about it all.



Tuesday, March 26

The bulbs are sprouting, the sun is shining

Hey there, friends. Hope your week is going well. xo


Saturday, March 23


35mm film. My Holga camera. Mostly double exposures except for the foggy road.

I am getting heavily back into film! It's so much fun. Do you use a film camera or did you used to?


Friday, March 22

little moments like pearls

So I finally changed my name. Now I'm Brooke Way. Six (or so) years back I wanted to keep my maiden name when Tim and I got married but recently it's felt right to have the same name as Cedar. So I did it; it turned out to be easy. And free! Now I have to begin changing all my documents and cards. I like the new name. Simple. Way. The Tao.

xo Brooke Way


Thursday, March 14

All the little pieces come together and make a life

(Obviously some are prettier and less messy than others.)

Speaking of which, I was just outside and the moon is a silver sliver with earthshine on it, and the stars are twinkling and fresh. Get outside, get outside! See for yourself.

xo Brooke


Wednesday, March 13

those fancy phones

I had a flip-up phone until recently when Tim got me one with a little keyboard so texting didn't take so  long. Each night he's at work I send him pictures of life at home ~ the dogs sleeping, Cedar laughing ~ with little captions to make him smile. These photos though are all from his phone over the past few months.

The first time we went out without the baby. We honestly didn't know what to do with ourselves but those sycamore trees were awesome and I remember laughing a whole lot while we walked by the river after our dinner out. 

The first day we got Indigo. We had just picked him up from his old home and had him meet the other two at a neutral site (the lake). Lucy was not pleased.

The morning after Hurricane Sandy. Walking down our street, seeing the damage, meeting the neighbors.

This still happens every night with either myself or Tim. He loves it and sometimes nods off.

The pictures are so precious. He changes so fast. Last week is a thing of the far past with how quickly he develops.

Do you have pictures of your childhood? Do you take them of your kids or do you just have fun in the moment and enjoy your memories?