Monday, March 4

the food guru

"Next course, please."

I've been milling, steaming or dicing everything from apples, spinach, brocolli, squash, pasta ~ you name it, this guy loves it. It's a total mess and let me say, you need to wipe up soon after they're done or the stuff sets like cement.

I found brocolli in his neck this afternoon.

It's kind of heartbreaking how deliberate and slow he is bringing food to his mouth, sometimes with it squishing out the other side of his fingers. He tries so hard and so seriously.

He's passionate about what he wants. He's not ashamed to demand it. When he gets it, he dives in. He keeps trying. A different way if something doesn't work. Always excitement. He brings focus to his work whether it's eating, climbing, listening, nursing.

Would that we all lived so deeply. So freshly.