Monday, April 29



Sometimes my niece comes to sleep over and she hangs out in the woods for hours, finding old glass bottles, picking the flowers, making houses and leading Indigo around (he loves it). I keep an eye on her through the kitchen window and every so often she pops in to check on us or get a bite to eat. It's a nice way to visit; no expectations, no pressure, and each doing our happy thing. It's comfortable to know people you can do that with.


Sunday, April 28

a sweet morning



Too much? I think not!

Ready for the chipper.

Tim built this for me a few years ago; I just added the driftwood from our family stash.

Rebuilding the old stone walls is like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

This morning I took Cedar to our breakfast place and he fell asleep on the way.
This sacred morning nap I cannot disturb, so we ended up at a bakery a ways away
and brought home a box of croissants.

On a whim on the way home, we stopped at the lake.
The crows flew, the flowers bobbed, and little boys ran around with their fishing rods,
listening to their dad's tips on casting.

Cedar has been walking his stroller around the yard (okay, staggering behind) so proud of himself and yet still kind of sweetly awkward too, which kills me.

Sometimes I forget I have a child. When I get into my work or the garden.
And then I remember, and it feels like a Christmas present.


Friday, April 26

Sunday, April 21

Thursday, April 18

new work

I would write more but instead I'm going to go to bed.

See you soon, though.

xo Brooke


Sunday, April 14

The scent of sun-warmed dirt. I've been waiting for this.


Spring is here. Cedar is scooting around the lawn while I try to pile up sticks for the wood chipper, weed the peony beds and glory in the sunshine. The cat slips outside to munch grass. The woodpeckers are calling in the yellow-flushed woods and I found an enormous vulture feather in the side yard, just like when we first came to our newly-bought house, one year ago this week.

We moved in on May 1st, so that anniversary is coming up soon as well. It's been a marvelous year. With some black shadows of course but overall, filled with goodness. There's still so much to tackle and I'm happy that spring gives us that energy needed to do those lists that accumulate over the winter. I feel spry. I think I'm going to have a garage sale soon. I can purge things so much more easily if I know it may be going straight to someone who will be delighted. It's hard to drop some things off at the thrift shop not knowing...

Otherwise, I've got a couple coats of paint to finish. Seeds to plant. Grass seed to scatter. Bluebird boxes to build. The bat house to hang.

I'm dreaming of strawberry picking.

I'm ready for cotton skirts and open windows and books left in the hammock (we don't have one yet but you know). And sun tea. My spirit is in bud.

xo Brooke


Friday, April 12




We went for a little woodsy walk this evening. Just a short one to get some fresh air into our cranky lungs and minds. Indigo leaped the gate to join us. Tim built the gate specifically to keep him in. Boy, can that dog jump.


Thursday, April 11

The sandbox

Cousins in the sandbox

First time in the sandbox

Cedar does everything with such single mindedness, such concentration, such interest. I want to be more like him. I so often find myself running ragged about things that, in the end, waste my time.

Will I ever be strong enough to change this? Or maybe it's that I'm supposed to be less strong.


Tuesday, April 9

Through the door, naptime

through the door, naptime

I would be lying if I said I didn't pant for the moment this little guy falls asleep. Sometimes it's such a circus getting him down. He changes up the routine for no reason I can discern. And all the time I'm waiting for my break yet trying to enjoy the moment, knowing he'll be even bigger soon.

When he finally falls asleep I just want to keep holding his little velvety body and smelling his hair. It smells like powdered sugar, sweat and sun-hot hay. So I do for a while. I hold him tight and try to make the moment last for the rest of our lives. But I need to put him down. There are things I need to do, to make, for me, just for a while. And so I let him go.


Monday, April 8

sun and fog and snow




Film shots from this past winter. Just a tiny snap with my Holga that took a second, but I'm so glad I did because I can remember these times now, having already forgotten those days of sun and fog and snow.


Sunday, April 7

Instant daily moments

Trying out some of the Impossible Project black and white instant film. It's still as fun, and less expensive.


Friday, April 5

The week.

polaroid by Somer

Oops, that was a bit of a hiatus I didn't intend to take! Hello there.

This past week or so has been full of our little red-headed fella. The dogs. My work. The laundry. Errands. Thrift-shopping. Warm weather. And the like.

The peepers are out, peeping their little froggy hearts out in any small pond. They are so loud that we can hear them through the closed car windows as we drive by. Of course then we have to roll to a stop and put down the windows and listen to the celebration.

Did you know a garlic press can stand in for a nutcracker in a pinch? I learned that this week.

I bought a pint of cobalt blue paint to repaint the front and studio doors on some warm day.

The champagne mangos are back. We buy them by the dozen.

 photo by Tim

This afternoon as the sun was waning (oh lovely sunsets getting later each day!) I took Cedar down the road for a stroll, hoping he would fall asleep in the Ergo. His hair is getting so long and soft and I wore him in the front so I could kiss him whenever I wanted to. After a while we wandered off into the woods, where the skunk cabbage are sprouting like purple minarets and the mossy tussocks are the only firm place to walk amongst the spring-sodden leaves. I found a white deer jawbone, complete with all the teeth, and walked back home very slowly while Cedar slept and cars passed (one passenger was putting on her mascara) on their way to Friday-night plans. Whenever one drove by I would cover his ears and step off onto a boulder until they were gone. Holding the jawbone. I don't know what they all thought.

Cedar slept for so long that it messed up his bedtime, but I guess that's all right.

He's asleep now, anyways, and I should be too.

See you soon.

xo Brooke