Sunday, April 28

a sweet morning



Too much? I think not!

Ready for the chipper.

Tim built this for me a few years ago; I just added the driftwood from our family stash.

Rebuilding the old stone walls is like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

This morning I took Cedar to our breakfast place and he fell asleep on the way.
This sacred morning nap I cannot disturb, so we ended up at a bakery a ways away
and brought home a box of croissants.

On a whim on the way home, we stopped at the lake.
The crows flew, the flowers bobbed, and little boys ran around with their fishing rods,
listening to their dad's tips on casting.

Cedar has been walking his stroller around the yard (okay, staggering behind) so proud of himself and yet still kind of sweetly awkward too, which kills me.

Sometimes I forget I have a child. When I get into my work or the garden.
And then I remember, and it feels like a Christmas present.