Sunday, April 14

The scent of sun-warmed dirt. I've been waiting for this.


Spring is here. Cedar is scooting around the lawn while I try to pile up sticks for the wood chipper, weed the peony beds and glory in the sunshine. The cat slips outside to munch grass. The woodpeckers are calling in the yellow-flushed woods and I found an enormous vulture feather in the side yard, just like when we first came to our newly-bought house, one year ago this week.

We moved in on May 1st, so that anniversary is coming up soon as well. It's been a marvelous year. With some black shadows of course but overall, filled with goodness. There's still so much to tackle and I'm happy that spring gives us that energy needed to do those lists that accumulate over the winter. I feel spry. I think I'm going to have a garage sale soon. I can purge things so much more easily if I know it may be going straight to someone who will be delighted. It's hard to drop some things off at the thrift shop not knowing...

Otherwise, I've got a couple coats of paint to finish. Seeds to plant. Grass seed to scatter. Bluebird boxes to build. The bat house to hang.

I'm dreaming of strawberry picking.

I'm ready for cotton skirts and open windows and books left in the hammock (we don't have one yet but you know). And sun tea. My spirit is in bud.

xo Brooke