Friday, April 5

The week.

polaroid by Somer

Oops, that was a bit of a hiatus I didn't intend to take! Hello there.

This past week or so has been full of our little red-headed fella. The dogs. My work. The laundry. Errands. Thrift-shopping. Warm weather. And the like.

The peepers are out, peeping their little froggy hearts out in any small pond. They are so loud that we can hear them through the closed car windows as we drive by. Of course then we have to roll to a stop and put down the windows and listen to the celebration.

Did you know a garlic press can stand in for a nutcracker in a pinch? I learned that this week.

I bought a pint of cobalt blue paint to repaint the front and studio doors on some warm day.

The champagne mangos are back. We buy them by the dozen.

 photo by Tim

This afternoon as the sun was waning (oh lovely sunsets getting later each day!) I took Cedar down the road for a stroll, hoping he would fall asleep in the Ergo. His hair is getting so long and soft and I wore him in the front so I could kiss him whenever I wanted to. After a while we wandered off into the woods, where the skunk cabbage are sprouting like purple minarets and the mossy tussocks are the only firm place to walk amongst the spring-sodden leaves. I found a white deer jawbone, complete with all the teeth, and walked back home very slowly while Cedar slept and cars passed (one passenger was putting on her mascara) on their way to Friday-night plans. Whenever one drove by I would cover his ears and step off onto a boulder until they were gone. Holding the jawbone. I don't know what they all thought.

Cedar slept for so long that it messed up his bedtime, but I guess that's all right.

He's asleep now, anyways, and I should be too.

See you soon.

xo Brooke