Friday, May 3

evenings with their ruby throats

The little things in life are actually really big.

Cedar is in bed and the sky is flushed with pink behind the confetti profusion of poplar silhouettes waving imperceptibly in the evening breeze. Indigo has neatly bitten off the blooms of the tulips I planted last spring and snacked on them; the darkening lawn is scattered with their yellow petals. I was filling the vegetable beds with beautiful rich compost earlier while Cedar crawled the piles I was shoveling, every so often popping a particularly delicious looking chunk of loam into his mouth and giving it a chew. The rains this week made the weeding a pleasure. The blueberries are budding, the earthworms are scooting and I unearthed a cautious salamander or two. It is lovely outdoors these days, isn't it?