Sunday, May 12

just a click but such joy

photo by Tim's mom

double exposure by Tim 

 on the monkey bars

double exposure 

Cedar and I, sunset 

double exposure,  Tim and his mom 

double exposure

Some film shots I just got back from a roll of 36. There is nothing like looking through my film photos after I've been waiting for weeks for them to get developed! It's like a glimpse into another world of myself and my collaboration with a magical reality.

After our now-normal 5am wakeup with Cedar, I nursed him and returned to sleep (unusual, but it's Mother's Day). Tim brought me breakfast a couple of hours later ~ smashed banana pancakes and sliced strawberries. Amazing. Downstairs were flowers and a handwritten note. My first Mother's Day with a babe outside the womb.

How's your weekend going?

xo Brooke