Thursday, May 23



Well. It's hard to know what to say.

Our sweet 16-year old calico cat, Mimi, passed away on Monday. She had been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma (cancer) a few months back and it was too far gone to do much about except it give her vitamins and lots of fresh food and water. And let her enjoy herself as long as she was able. When she was weighed on Monday she had dwindled down to 4lb 8oz, less than half of her usually voluptuous self. It's just been the past two weeks or so that she has slowly receded inside of herself, assisting me with her leaving by being present in other ways as her personality faded. It was still a hard decision to make to take her to the vet to be put down. Just one more day, right? But then it just needed to be done.


She was a garden girl, disappearing under the veggies and the blooms. Out at night gazing at the moon. Taunting the dogs. She came when I called her. And when we first saw this house, part of my knowing it was right for us was my vision of Mimi out sunbasking on the huge warm sloped bedrocks.


The nine years with her is gone; I can't believe it. My staunch little sidekick.

the afternoon stretches before me...

I wish pets lived longer. It's hard when someone you love dies, because they're not there to comfort you about it.

Hug your furries today. xo Brooke