Sunday, May 5

one of those days

Today was exhausting. I could hardly wait for it to be over.

Plants needed to be watered. Stumps dug. Shredded things gathered up after the puppy. Again. Cedar was clingy. The kitchen is a total mess. The amount of upkeep just a normal day takes overwhelmed. It's hard to let things go because I notice them still and they continue to nag at me. We ran out of toilet paper. I banged my knee going over the baby gate. Again. I think I may have killed the climbing hydrangea with too much root damage when I transplanted it. The hose always kinks. I'm behind in my work. I need to get to the post office. The fridge is empty. I'm sunburned and I have poison ivy. I don't drink enough water.

Today was amazing. I appreciated so many things about it.

Cedar ate his morning banana while watching the hummingbird on the window feeder, inches away. My mom brought up a load of leaf mulch for the veggie beds and turned it in so all we need to do is plant seeds. Indigo learned how to chase a tennis ball. I feel so happy that it is spring and not fall. There's a new hawk hanging around. I'm reading the most riveting book. There are 10 mangos on the counter, ripening. I saw a newborn donkey tippling around on its little legs this morning on the way to breakfast out with Cedar. I planted two butterfly bushes. I made rice pudding and then ate most of it myself. I figured out where to build the outdoor shower. (In the pines). A tufted titmouse flew to the feeder when I was weeding right under it, cocked a beady eye at me, and kept on eating. I had a cup of green tea. I finally found a replaceable thermos stopper for Tim's favorite old thermos. The feeling of a hot shower and fresh clothes after a day outside is wonderful. It looks like the fiddlehead ferns are taking to their new spot. Cedar went to bed without a peep.

I've been wrestling between these two viewpoints since this morning. It was just one of those days.

xo Brooke