Tuesday, June 18

at the loom

Rain is gently falling. Cedar is asleep after a hard evening's play following me around as I vacuumed, chortling at the top of his range, and throwing blocks down the stairs. I sewed his birthday crown and some other sewing projects out in the studio. I rearranged rugs, chests, beds. The house is a lot emptier since the big yard sale I had last Saturday. Oh, it felt good to let things go, and to see who they went to. Almost everything left was packed into my car and taken to to the thrift shop immediately following.

My life is a weaving of all kinds of threads ~ jute, cotton, silk, gold, linen. Definitely some frayed threads and some synthetic ones too. Each day I go to my loom and continue the pattern. We all do. And it is turning out to be a beautiful piece of work overall.

xo Brooke