Saturday, June 29

Happy Birthday, Cedar!

So, Cedar turned one. I wouldn't say the year flew but it is astonishing that it has already passed. On June 27, when he got up at 5:30 as usual I remembered a year ago, when I was still in labor about to give birth to him. I was so glad I wasn't in labor anymore, ha! And I'm also glad that the first year is gone and that we enjoyed each moment that we could and gritted our teeth through the rest and survived. I'm glad Cedar is in our life. I'm thankful for all I have learned about myself and the world and how we are all connected and how we all need each other.

We celebrated his trip around the sun on this little planet with us by having friends and family over on Thursday, his true birthday. I rented a big moonbounce and baked my Gramom's lemon cake and tried to shake the garden into order. Family slept over the night before to help make food and camp in the backyard. Crudites were chopped. Tim's brother started his smoker at midnight to smoke the chickens and brisket. We made a huge beet salad (which we then forgot to put out). I tucked myself into bed while things were still in full swing in the kitchen below our bedroom. I like that hum of conversation; makes me feel like I'm in a nice B&B.

The morning of we all awoke at different times and coffee was drunk (by others) and breakfasts were found and milk was run out of. Things started to gather momentum and the front porch got cleared for the first time in months. Nothin' like having company to get things done. Guests started arriving in the afternoon and it was a whirl of conversation, introductions and tours. There were seven dogs rolling around. The kids went bonkers all over the place. I didn't get much of a chance to pick up the camera. I didn't get a picture of his cake and I forgot entirely to put on his crown that I so painstakingly sewed. But it was a great time. Friendships were deepened and new ones begun. He celebrated in the midst of love and laughter and that is the best gift that he could have received.

xo Brooke