Wednesday, July 31

Lots to think, see and do.

Days are full. As per usual. But good. And the great weather is a big help. If only I could get really caught up on sleep...but then I wouldn't be getting caught up on the house, the studio, the garden. And I really love the projects I have going on right now! Namely:

  1. Lots and lots of cloth baby books in the works, with moveable parts!! I just came from working on the hippopotamus's teeth, the alligators jaws, and the Stellar's Jay's wings. They will eventually be in my shop.
  2. Moving all the wonderful compost/soil from the 'old' garden area to the various beds so I can clear all that space for a playyard. More on that later.
  3. Weeding. Watching the butterflies. Planning for next year.
  4. I cut a hole in the wall between two downstairs rooms in between the studs and am framing it out with a lovely arch (like in our old kitchen). It's ostensibly for improved airflow and more light, but I really did it so I could scoot through it like I was 6.
  5. A nice shade of gray paint is awaiting application to a hallway downstairs. I've never used gray paint before but I needed to bring in a soft neutral to support all the vibrant colors we have going on our walls.

I have a book fresh from the library for after Cedar goes down tonight. And the hummingbird is about two feet away from my face on the other side of the window feeder. The house is quiet. I wish I could take out my brain for a little while, give it a good rinse, a little shake, and set it on a soft pillow for a while. (Is that weird?) It's a bit burnt out from the everyday doing.

I generally take a stroll to refresh myself. That seems to help. And drinking water. What works for you?